Strong partake of gov’t and businesses needed for PH’s RE industry

Strong partake of gov’t and businesses needed for PH’s RE industry

Greenpeace Philippines is calling for the stronger participation of the government and the business sector to push for growth and development of renewable energy in the country.

In a forum hosted by the group on Wednesday, Greenpeace Philippines Climate and Energy Campaigner Reuben Mini said the participation of the two institutions will help in the transition of the Philippines to renewable energy.

“A strong relationship between the public and private institutions, as well as progressive legislations, should boost our transition to renewable energy. It encourages and provides incentives to more people and businesses that opt to use the technology,” Muni said.

The group has gathered financing companies and solar providers to connect consumers to financing options and increase the use of solar energy in households and businesses.

Greenpeace Philippines said that Filipinos can easily have access to solar energy through a financing package that spreads the initial costs over a long-term period while saving on electricity bills.

“Now is the best time to switch on the power of renewables for each home and business to be at the forefront of our fight against catastrophic climate change,” Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director Yeb Saño said.

“The call for the uptake of solar energy is not an empty appeal to each individual’s altruism but, as we are attesting today, incentives await in the form of cheap and reliable energy,” the Greenpeace official added.

Muni added that while large-scale power plants are being established and going online in the country, there remains a vast amount of solar energy potential untapped.

“This is where solar rooftop installations on homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses can complete the picture of a country like the Philippines moving towards a higher share of renewable energy in its power generation mix,” Muni said.

Greenpeace Philippine was joined by speakers from the PAG-IBIG fund, who discussed how members avail a Home Improvement Loan that can cover the cost of purchase and installation of solar panels. Local solar companies that also joined the forum like Solaric Philipppines and Solar Philippines.



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