Aboitiz reconnects Bukidnon hydro plant generators to Mindanao Grid

AboitizPower Hedcor Bukidnon Manolo Fortich

Aboitiz Power Corporation, through subsidiary Hedcor, has reconnected Units 3 and 4 of its Manolo Fortich 1 hydroelectric power plant in Bukidnon to the Mindanao Grid after completion of restoration works.

The two generators, with a combined capacity of 32 megawatts (MW), were temporarily shut down to make way for pipe repairs. Heavy rains in the area back in June 2020 caused soil saturation, erosion, and mudslides. This resulted to pipe dislocations, pipe bursts, and damage to the high head penstock line.

Restoration works for affected facilities were completed in 358 days.

With the two units restored, Hedcor said its Manolo Fortich 1 and 2 hydro plants, with a total capacity of 73.32MW, are back in full operations.