Chinese energy solutions provider to enter PH market

Green Heat boosts solar rooftop installation target

China-based Trina Solar Ltd has plans to invest in the small-scale solar photovoltaic market in the Philippines.

Seeing government policies that can help growing demand, the energy solutions provider has launched its Trinahome offering which includes solar rooftop systems for residential and commercial establishments.

The company also provided solar technology for the 132.5 MW Cadiz solar farm in Negros Occidental and the 63.5 MW Calatagan solar facility in Batangas.

The Cadiz plant is considered to be the biggest operational solar facility in Southeast Asia when it comes to its power-generating capacity, whereas Calatagan lands on the the eight spot, based on the Solarplaza research.

“Now that Trina Solar has solidified its strong position in the commercial, industrial and utility segment of the market, we are now moving into the residential and small to medium enterprises,” Trina Solar Philippines country manager Junrhey Castro told Inquirer during a briefing.

Homes and SMEs benefit from solar rooftops due to energy self-sufficiency and its reduced electricity cost, Casto said.

“Trinahome is the first ‘plug and play’ residential and commercial solution in the Philippines with warranties backed by an internationally bankable supplier,” he said.

The system have packages ranging from 1.5 kilowatts, 3 kW, 5 kW to 10 kW, with prices from P100,000 to P500,000.

A typical household consuming 200 kilowatt-hours per month can use the 3-MW system, which costs around P200,000, Casto said.

He added that Trinahome paid for itself in four to six years, meaning electricity generated after was practically free.

“The system is designed to last for 25 years, so it makes financial sense to install [it],” Castro said.