Constitutional amendments may open job opportunities in RE—DOE

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The Department of Energy (DOE) believes that 1.5 million jobs might be generated in the renewable energy (RE) sector should the currently sought-after 1987 Constitution’s amendments be implemented.

In a report by Inquirer, Energy Undersecretary Sharon Garin said that based on her calculations, the RE sector had hired about 357,459 individuals in 2022 as the country opened the industry for 100% foreign ownership, suggesting that 1.5 million new jobs might be possible. 

Garin further explained that it is also possible that 10 direct jobs and 30 indirect jobs would be generated per megawatt (MW).

The undersecretary also opined that, apart from the unceasing developments in RE, another factor that will play a part in the upsurge of job availability is the investments from foreign investors interested in port development, as 10 more ports are needed to sustain offshore wind projects.

Another possibility for job openings would be in the mining sector, as earth metals like vanadium are a vital component of steel alloys used in constructing nuclear reactors and aircraft carriers, while copper is used in transmission lines and smart green grids.

However, Bayan Muna Chairperson and former lawmaker Neri Colmenares voiced apprehension, saying that the government should have been in control of public utilities to guarantee that operations are done out of service and not for profit.

Furthermore, Colmenares expressed concern about opening the economy to foreign investors, as it presented an issue of national security, citing the possibility of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) being manipulated by Chinese investors, especially with the ongoing tension in the West Philippine Sea.

Refuting allegations, the NGCP stated that its system is not remotely managed, and Filipinos head it, and it would not waver in its commitment to supplying the country with electricity.