DOE updates green energy guidelines

DOE logo 2023

The Department of Energy (DOE) says that the country currently has around 1,300 service contracts in renewable energy (RE) across different technologies like solar, wind, and hydro among others, all amounting to 62 gigawatts (GW). 

To filter out the legitimate companies dedicated to establishing their renewable energy agenda in the country, an overhaul of the Omnibus RE guidelines should be made.

Energy Undersecretary Sharon Garin said that the main consideration for the overhaul was because the sector had already progressed way past when the department had first issued the omnibus guidelines for applications.

“So, the main focus today is we have to revise the omnibus guidelines in order for us to be able to filter the serious and legitimate companies that are determined to construct their projects and finish their projects on time, on budget,” said Garin.

Additionally, Energy Secretary Raphael P.M. Lotilla said that at least 4,164 megawatts (MW) of projects would come online this year, which would aid in enhancing the country’s power supply. Of these, 835 MW are under testing and commissioning, and 161 MW are in commercial operation. 

Lotilla reiterated that the country will have an adequate supply of electricity for the next two years since base load plants will consist of 678 MW and mid-merit plants will generate 1,320 MW, nearly 2,000 MW altogether. 

According to data released by the energy department as of March 31, 2024, hydropower has 424 projects for commercial use and four for personal use. The potential capacity for commercial projects is approximately 12,437.969 MW, with an installed capacity of about 1,189.848 MW, while own-use projects contributed an installed capacity of 5.024 MW.

Meanwhile, ocean energy featured nine commercial projects, which are poised to provide a potential capacity of 34.000 MW. Geothermal energy had 35 commercial projects, with a potential capacity of 981.215 MW and an installed capacity of 1,955.265 MW.

Additionally, in the wind sector, 276 commercial projects are expected to offer a potential capacity of 91,733.919 MW and an installed capacity of 442.900 MW. 

Furthermore, solar energy has 472 commercial projects with a potential capacity of 32,359.129 MW and an installed capacity of 1,443.456 MW. Additionally, 31 solar projects for personal use are projected to offer a potential capacity of 8.286 MW and an installed capacity of 6.432 MW.

For biomass, 58 commercial projects were set to provide a potential capacity of 206.879 MW and an installed capacity of 581.799 MW, while 18 personal-use biomass projects offered an installed capacity of 182.871 MW.

A total of 1,327 RE projects are listed, which would offer a potential capacity of 137,761.40 MW and an installed capacity of 5,807.60 MW.