Electric vehicle group wants e-trike program in LGUs

Electric vehicle group pushing for e-trike programs in LGUs

The Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) is urging more local government units (LGUs) to set an ordinance promoting the use of electric trikes to reduce air pollution and provide livelihood opportunities for operators and drivers.

EVAP President Rommel Juan said they are reaching out to 1, 634 cities and municipalities in the country to do this. The group is also seeking the endorsement of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Gina Lopez to put in place an Electric Tricycle Program.

“Our member-companies have banded together to sell not just a fleet of e-trikes but a complete mass transport solution package. This includes retail financing, a battery charging and swapping station to ensure continuous operation all day long and after-sales service nationwide in terms of trained technicians and spare parts,” he said.

The daily boundary of an e-trike driver can serve as the daily amortization for a three to five year loan. After this period, the driver will be the owner of the e-trike unit.

“This in effect also provides livelihood opportunities for the tricycle drivers in the community. We hope that many other LGUs follow suit so that our environment and air quality improves and business opportunities are generated in their respective areas,” Juan said.