JBROS offers use of constructed health stations


Jbros construction firm has offered the Department of Health (DOH) the use of all unpaid constructed health units in light of the unprecedented rise of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

The Barangay Health Station (BHS) units could be used as COVID-19 Response Centers where testing or quarantine efforts can be conducted. These are strategically located across the country, the construction firm said.

“The additional fund P2.4 billion can be used for appropriate compensation of our volunteer health workers and purchase more protective gears such as PPEs,” Jbros was quoted in a statement.

“Filipino lives are at stake. P2.4 billion plus 570 BHS units are a precious resource which will significantly impact on the outcome of this war against the pandemic. Jbros hopes that even just for this war we are all equally facing, regardless of economic or political standing, the DOH would look beyond issues and matters that are relevant to saving Filipino lives,” the firm added.

In 2016, the company was awarded the Contract for the construction of 3,200 BHS. For this project, the DOH deposited P3.5 billion to the Landbank of the Philippines, under an Irrevocable Domestic Documentary Letter of Credit (LLC).