Lopezes’ First Philec to debut “super green” transformers


Lopez-led First Philec, Inc., is set to launch its “super green” transformers made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials in the market this year to help power distributors cope with their system losses and reduce carbon footprint.

All metallic parts of the new transformer model will be recyclable, while the non-metallic parts will be biodegradable or recyclable, according to First Philec President Ariel Ong.

He explained that the new model will use an insulating coolant from natural ester, a renewable non-polluting oil product made from grown crop seeds. He also guaranteed that any case of accidental release of the new transformer’s non-metallic component will not pose any risk to the environment because of its biodegradability.

One added that the new transformer model does not only allow customers to reduce carbon footprint, but also offers the highest efficiency in its class and extended life and use, which will help them save on their electricity expenses.

Transformers are used to improve the safety and provide efficiency for power systems. Most transformer models are usually made from metals and non-metallic components like insulating coolants.

First Philec customer development head Luis Trinidad, meanwhile, emphasized the need for distribution utilities to utilize efficient energy transformers as a strategy to reduce their system losses.

He said that in the Philippines, up to nine percent of generated electricity goes to waste because of system losses, with each percent point loss equivalent to over Php6 billion in industry losses annually.

Trinidad pointed out further that many countries rely on petroleum and single-use plastic packaging as standard manufacturing practices, that’s why the firm’s use of environment-friendly and recyclable materials will minimize such practices.

The company has yet to finalize the price of their new transformer model.

First Philec, a subsidiary of First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPH), has 250,000 transformers installed across the country, and has two plants currently running inside the First Philippine Industrial Estate in Batangas.

FPH, which also owns First Gen Corporation, recently disclosed that its attributable net income for 2020 stood at Php9.9 billion, a 22% drop from Php12.6 billion in 2019, due to the economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Photo from First Philec/PNA website.