Meralco rates lower by P.29/kwh in May

Meralco rates lower by P.29/kwh in May

Consumers will see a P0.29 per kilowatt-hour deduction in their May electricity bills due to lower generation charges, the Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) said yesterday.

“Contributing to the downward movement is the decrease in the cost of power sourced from the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and the PSAs (Power Supply Agreements,” Meralco said.

This month’s overall rate is P9.60 per kwh, down from last month’s P9.89 per kwh rate.

This means that households that consume 200-kwh will see a reduction of P58; 300 kwh users will save P87; while 400-kwh and 500-kwh customers will see a decrease of P116 and P145, respectively.

Overall generation charges dropped by P0.2126 per kwh to P4.8839 per kwh, already included in the last installment of the incremental liquid fuel cost following the Malampaya maintenance shutdown.

Power sourced from IPPs also went down P0.87 per kwh and PSA prices fell P0.14 per kwh.

Meanwhile, power supplied through the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) spiked by P0.68 per kwh due to power outages and higher power demand in Luzon.

“As a result of the quarterly repricing, natural gas prices increased this month to reflect higher world crude oil prices. Despite the increase in fuel prices, there was a reduction in IPP costs because of higher plant dispatch and the recent Peso appreciation,” Meralco said.

Transmission charges for this month saw a P0.02 per kwh increase. Taxes and other charges fell by a total amount of P0.10 per kwh.