Open the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant – Chamber of Commerce

Open the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant – Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands has called on the government to immediately adopt nuclear power as an alternative energy source following the country’s energy problems and the high costs of energy to business and industry.

The Duterte administration has been urged to open the Bataan nuclear power plant in order to cut power costs and assure sufficient power supply to support the country’s economic development.

Nuclear power is a cheap source of energy, 79 percent cheaper than oil, 78 percent cheaper than gas and 23 percent cheaper than coal, the chamber said in a statement.

It also said that 31 countries are operating nuclear plants because of “unstable and very volatile price of fossil fuel.”

“The United States has 99 nuclear power plants. Vietnam is presently constructing two plants. China has the fastest nuclear power program. Presently, there are more than 65 plants under construction. The rest of the countries using nuclear power plants are in Europe, Northern America, East Asia and South Asia,” it added.

Furthermore, the chamber said that ensuring adequate power supply will lead to job generation and poverty reduction.

Fewer accidents on nuclear plants were also recorded compared with other types of plants.

The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is located in Bataan Peninsula, 100 kilometers west of Manila. It was constructed back in 1976 under the administration of Former President Ferdinand Marcos as a response to the 1973 crisis.

Although completed, the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was never fueled. The plant became the eye of anti – nuclear movements in the 1970s because of potential health threats and being located in an earthquake zone.

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  1. Virginia insular

    Yes f for good of the country.why not.FMarcos built it before he knew it is for the benefit of the majority

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