Pasig signs RE agreement with ERC, MERALCO

Pasig City Hall

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is encouraging Local Government Units (LGUs) to make a move in promoting renewable energy (RE) in their localities as they signed a tripartite agreement with the city government of Pasig and Manila Electric Company (MERALCO).

A report by the Philippine Star revealed that this agreement includes, distributed energy resources (DER) and a net-metering program that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, generate economic development, at the same time, manage electricity costs. 

These stakeholders concurred to cooperate in order to promote cost-effective demand management, speed up the deployment of RE technology, and empower consumers to support the transition to clean energy. 

In addition, the collaboration will also involve the creation of information, education, and communication materials pertinent to the implementation of RE programs like DER and net-metering. 

To enhance the efficiency and accessibility of energy-related services, the ERC will also station dedicated resource personnel at the Pasig City Hall. 

These personnel will be responsible for assisting residents with their inquiries, addressing concerns, and facilitating the processing of applications for certificates of compliance for DERs, net-metering, and self-generating facilities.

Additionally, ERC will aid in expediting the procedures for payment, permitting, and installation as well as document submissions. 

ERC chairperson and CEO Monalisa Dimalanta stated that the commission shares the LGU’s goal of making it simpler for its residents to enroll in programs and profit from them, empowering their customers by making the services more readily available. 

Dimalanta is positive that with this initiative, other LGUs will be encouraged to comply in establishing their own one-stop shop for net-metering applications following the agreement. 

End-users who completed the requirements for the net metering program in Pasig City received 146 certificates of compliance by the end of June from the ERC. A total of 1,284.87 kWp was represented by these certificates.