PH faces delays in RE installation goals

DOE may extend biomass and run-of-river FIT for three more years

The targeted 250 MW each for hydro and biomass renewable energy (RE) are yet to be completed despite a two year extension of the feed-in-tariff (FIT) incentive scheme.

Out of the 250 MW, there is still a balance of 105.39 MW and 29.435 MW for hydro and biomass respectively as of March.

There are five hydro projects approved for a FIT rate of P5.90 per kilowatt hour (kWh); one (8.50 MW) with a FIT rate of P5.8705 per kWh; and seven projects (101.51 MW) with a still undetermined FIT rate, according to a report.

All 13 projects were endorsed to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

Meanwhile, there are 26 biomass projects with a total capacity of 220.565 MW

Some 13 projects, with a capacity of 117.351 MW, carried a FIT rate of P6.63 per kWh. Four projects, with a total capacity of 14.564 MW, were granted a FIT rate of P6.5969 per kWh. The FIT rate, meanwhile, for nine biomass projects (88.65 MW) has yet to be determined by the ERC.

The 26 projects have secured certificates of endorsement from ERC.

The ERC earlier approved a FIT rate of P5.90 per kWh for run-of-river hydro covering an installation target of 250 MW, which was then reduced to P5.8705 per kWh for projects completed in January to December 2017.

For biomass, the ERC approved a FIT rate of P6.63 per kWh for biomass in 2012, but reduced it to P6.5969 per kWh in 2017.