Power Philippines supports CNN’s Powering the Future Series


With the Christmas season fast approaching, the country’s consumption of power is set to rise as the nation prepares to light up the Yuletide festivities.

But, it is not just the season that will drive demand.

Long term, the need for power is expected to grow as the country embarks on “Build Build Build,” which is the most aggressive infrastructure program the Philippines will undertake.

The country’s power capacity is expected to be spread thin, both in the short and long term. At present, the country consumes 90.8 million megawatts annually.

As the demand continues to increase, can the country’s dependable power capacity keep up?

CNN Philippines digs deeper into this question in a series of videos titled “Powering the Future.”

Power Philippines supports CNN Philippines in this initiative, which aims to inform the Filipino public on the country’s current state of energy.

In the first video, CNN Philippines lays down the country’s power supply scenario, which should guide us in determining the approach to take today, and in the years to come.

Another episode will discuss the future of energy, especially as the Philippines’ dependable energy reserve continues to stand precariously low at 5 to 10 percent.

CNN Philippines also investigates the snail pace by which power plants are put up and what the government is doing to expedite the process of providing additional power to Filipino homes.

“Powering the Future” also looks into the criteria the country needs to adopt to ensure stable, sustainable, and affordable power. Lastly, CNN Philippines gives us a glimpse of how to power plants change the lives of people in a community.

Power Philippines believes that “Powering the Future” is in line with its mission to educate the nation on the growth and the future of the energy sector -– as it is one of the most important necessities of every Filipino family.

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