PSPA to ERC: recall certificates issued during solar FIT-2

PSPA to ERC recall certificates issued during solar FIT-2

The Philippine Solar Power Alliance (PSPA) is urging the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to retract the issuance of feed-in-tariff (FIT) certificates on solar power projects with inconsistencies.

The group is questioning the release of endorsements even while the Department of Energy (DOE) was conducting an investigation.

In November, ERC chairman Jose Vicente Salazar wrote to DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi and said there were inconsistencies regarding the FIT grant to two solar companies.

These solar plants were granted the FIT certificate despite only being able to reach a quarter of its dependable capacity. Meanwhile, Silay Solar and Isla Sol plants, which reached its maximum capacities early, were not granted FIT certificates.

“Normally, the Commission waits until the fact-finding is completed and a final determination by the Ilagan committee is arrived at,” PSPA president Teresa Capellan said.

She added that solar FIT program participants trusted the system because the rule-based scheme was fair and straightforward. Solar companies are hoping that the investigation will address the discrepancies.

“Solar companies are really puzzled as to what prompted the Commission to issue the certificates given the Chairman’s earlier report to the DOE Secretary and the ongoing investigation being conducted by DOE Undersecretary Ilagan,” Capellan said.

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