Senate says OK to Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Senate says OK to Paris Agreement on Climate Change

The Senate has concurred the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

In a unanimous vote of 22 lawmakers, the Senate has approved President Rodrigo Duterte’s ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change that aims to limit the global warming below two degrees Celsius.

“The Paris Agreement shows that developing nations and the developed countries could pursue climate action and uphold climate justice together,” Loren Legarda said during her speech on Tuesday.

The ratification gives the Philippines access to the Green Climate Fund, where developed nations – that were the world’s biggest carbon emitters – are obliged to garner together $100 million yearly in support for vulnerable countries.

“The Philippines now joins 133 other parties to the Paris Agreement, representing more than 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions,” The French Embassy said in a statement.

The embassy said they recognize the commitment showed by the previous and current administrations in addressing climate change.

“The ratification of the Paris Agreement, which coincides with the 70th year anniversary of French-Philippine diplomatic relations, opens new perspectives for our two countries to develop and implement sustainable solutions towards a greener, more sustainable future for our planet,” the Embassy added.

On February 28, Duterte has signed the Paris Agreement and was submitted to the Senate.

“After examining the text thereof, I find it advisable to accede to the Paris Agreement and seek the Senate’s concurrence thereto,” the president said.

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Under the agreement, the Philippines has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030.

Duterte’s signature came after a few misgivings with the climate pact, saying that it will limit the country’s industrial growth.