Cusi: Look into adoption of modular nuclear plants

CUSI Look into adoption of modular nuclear plants

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi has ordered the Safety and Health Association of the Philippine Energy Sector, Inc. (SHAPES) to look into the country’s adoption of modular nuclear plants.

“If it can be done in other countries with Filipinos working on modular nuclear power plants, why not here in the Philippines?” Cusi said at the Oath of Office of the new Board Members of SHAPES.

In a report by the Manila Standard, Cusi said that if reopening the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant will not be possible, the country could look into modular nuclear facilities.

“We can be cautious. We can move with caution so we can start with modular. We have to listen to the experts,” he added.

The Energy Chief also stressed the need to reintroduce a nuclear energy curriculum in the Philippine academic sector.

In the same event, Cusi also emphasized the need to ensure the safety and security of all energy-related undertakings.

“We at the DOE put a premium on ensuring the safety of communities and the environment, especially the energy sector workers,” he said.

“Our manpower in the energy sector is our most important asset as we work with the private sector towards an adequate, stable and sustainable energy supply for our country,” he added.

SHAPES, according to the Department of Energy, is an organization composed of safety, health, and environmental professionals.