Solon eyes Russia’s possible assistance in energy development

Senate, House energy committee approves bill calamity fund bill for power coops

House Committee on Energy Marinduque Representative Lord Allan Velasco is studying the possible assistance Russia could provide in developing new sources of energy in the Philippines.

Velasco was among the delegation that visited Russia from October 2 to 5 on the invitation of President Vladimir Putin.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of the Philippines and Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation had signed a memorandum of agreement on the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purpose back in 2017 in a Duterte-led visit to Russia.

The deal focused on knowledge sharing of technological experiences and learnings in the use of nuclear energy as a power source.

At least 16 percent of Russia’s power is sourced from nuclear energy, according to Velasco.

Some 68 percent comes from thermal energy, while the remaining 16 percent is hydro energy.

Velasco noted that Russia has been engaging in different types of energy production that may help the Philippines address its growing energy requirements.

“The issue of energy was one of the topics discussed in the bilateral talks between Russia and the Philippines,” Velasco was quoted in a Manila Bulletin report.

Russia has the largest natural gas reserves in the world, second largest coal reserves, and eight largest oil reserves, Velasco said.

He added that Russia and the Philippines can be good partners in the search for more sources of energy in natural gas and thermal production.

“We are rich in geothermal energy and our seas, we have lots of them, could also be harnessed for thermal energy production,” Velasco stated.

Philippine Ambassador to Russia Carlos Sorreta added that Russia is a major player in all forms of energy. 




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