Transco, LRA team up to solve transmission lines’ right-of-way issues

Transco, LRA team up to solve transmission lines’ right-of-way issues

The National Transmission Corp. (TransCo) teamed up with the Land Registration Authority (LRA) to answer issues on right-of-way (ROW) of transmission facilities.

The two has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to identify and acquire all titled properties that are within the transmission line ROW corridor of 12, 679 kilometers at P38,500 per kilometer.

“LRA is the sole custodian of land titles and records and is the only entity that can provide data on land titles and digitized parcel maps that TransCo requires. This will secure government from bogus claims presenting spurious land titles.  Also, the data that TransCo needs is proprietary only to LRA,” TransCo president Melvin Matibag said.

Under the MOA, LRA will give Transco verification of the certificates of title, provision of printout and soft copy of the digital parcel maps of titled properties; the use of geospatial query service; and the issuance of certified true copies of certificates of titles or documents submitted to support land transactions.

TransCo, meanwhile, will provide LRA with the technical details needed to identify the properties registered under Transco and establish the technical coordinates of transmission lines.

The memorandum is part of TransCo’s plan to outsource the survey of all existing transmission lines and substations to quicken the issues of right-of-way claims involving its transmission lines and substations.

Matibag said that working with the LRA is more efficient and cost-effective with the very tedious procedural process of releasing requested land titles from various Registries of Dees across the country.