Napocor begins power development project in Limasawa Island


The National Power Corporation (Napocor) held a ground breaking in Limasawa Island last March for the construction of a PHP 54 million 120-kilowatt (kW) solar power project awarded to Power Dimension Inc.

The island is currently powered by an expensive diesel power plant operated by the Napocor; it runs 24 hours a day from the 18-hours operation last year.

The plant produces 700-kW which is enough to meet the island’s current power demand for its 1, 200 household.

“Hopefully this will lower the electricity rates of Limasawa,” Limasawa Mayor Nilo Petracorta said.

“This is also environment-friendly since there is no carbon emission in solar power,” he added.

Petracorta also said that Napocor aims to complete the solar power project by September or November this year.

Napocor will also give Limasawa two units of 200-kW and two units of 300-kW generator within this year, as part of Napcor’s capacity addition program.

In addition, the power firm will build its own fuel oil storage tank to ensure continuous supply even during extreme weather conditions.

Petracorta said this power development project will attract investments in the island due to stable energy supply.

Tourism is an alternative source of income in the island, with most of the residents depending on fishing for livelihood.

A good number of lodgings and inns established by local investors are available to cater to provide the tourists’ needs, resulting in the increase of electricity demand.

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